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About Su Mo Su Medical Education

Adhere to the "product-oriented", "sale based on honesty", "service based on quickness" concepts, and "quality and reputation"

Product Series

The main products involve biology, zoology, geography, human anatomy, histology and embryology, nursing, Chinese medicine and acupuncture,
More than 20 disciplines including clinical skills, medical simulators, biological slides, specimens and laboratory equipment

Recommended Products

The product structure of Su Mosu Medical Education is precise, detailed and detailed, and it is an ideal visual aid.

Su Mo Su Medical Education Trends

Long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known universities, research institutions and special dealers

Suzhou Medical Teaching Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Always adhere to the "fine product-oriented, high quality first, sales sincerity first" concept of "fast service for real",
Continually dedicate your own excellent products and implement quality services.


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