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Suzhou Medical Teaching Model Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (formerly Suzhou Medical Teaching Model Factory), referred to as Su Mo and Su Yijiao, was established in 1972 and is a designated production company of the Ministry of Education. The company relies on unique development capabilities and high-quality products, and promotes the "Rejuvenation" brand worldwide at a reasonable price.
Su Mo passed the product quality certification of the authoritative Chinese Anatomy Society and the international ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification.
Su Mo's main products involve biology, zoology, geography, human anatomy, histology and embryology, nursing, Chinese medicine and acupuncture, clinical skills, medical simulators, biological slides, specimens and laboratory equipment, etc. More than 1,000 kinds of disciplines.
Su Mo insists on the tenet of "product-oriented", "high quality is the most important", "sale is first" and "service is quick to be true". Our own excellent products and quality services. For our goals, we will consistently adhere to the principles of sustainable development, honest management, and sincere service, and treat every detail of our career with strict professionalism.
Somo products
Su Mo's product structure is precise, meticulous and detailed, and it is the most ideal visual teaching aid.
Su Mo uses advanced model manufacturing equipment and technology, and uses internationally recognized durable, wear-resistant, non-deforming environmentally friendly resin materials and safe non-toxic environmentally friendly paints. The finished products are environmentally safe, the colors are natural and vivid, and the use is long lasting.
Su Mo's long-term cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known international universities, research institutions, and special dealers is the basis for our long-term development, covering science and education models in all stages and areas from primary school to university, making the corresponding teaching easier.

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    Since 1972

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    Products cover more than 20 disciplines

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    More than 1,000 species

Suzhou Medical Teaching Model Made Co. Ltd